Why List With Us?

Why List With Us?

Posted: August 29, 2016 by Office Manager

No Hidden Fees!

     When it comes to selecting a Realtor to market your

home in the Clermont area it does make a difference who

you select. Unfortunately many property owners don’t take

time to ask the right questions, and consequently are disappointed

with the performance of their chosen Realtor and

the company. To make matters worse, they feel trapped by

by an extended listing agreement and costs to be released

with that agent’s company.

     That feeling will never happen with COLDWELL BANKER

TONY HUBBARD REALTY INC. We will take the time to

completely explain our marketing plan, and the advantages

our seller enjoy when listed with our company. We

understand that marketing a property involves more than

putting a sign in the yard, placing it in MLS and putting it

on the internet.

     We are so confident in our marketing plan and communication

with our sellers, that we GUARANTEE our performance

in writing.

     So, before you sign on the dotted line be sure and ask

the tough questions of your Realtor...and while you’re at it

ask us too! Because when it comes to selecting a Realtor it

does make a difference!

Frequently Asked Questions to Consider:

• Can I sell my house myself?

• What makes a house sell?

• When is the best time to list for sale?

• What about market conditions-price trends, interest rates

and the

economy in general? Should they have any bearing on

when I list?

• How long should it take to sell?

• How do I price my property?

• What is “fair market value” and how do I determine


• Who can help me determine the right asking price?

• How flexible should I be about the asking price?

• Should I fix my house up before it goes on the market?

• What should I do to make the property show better?

• Should I make any major improvements?

• Am I liable for repairs after the sale?

• What about home warranties?

• How do I reach the right potential buyers?

• What’s an MLS, and why do I need one?

• Do you have cancelation fees?

• Do you charge any additional fees, besides the real estate


• Do you have any upfront fees to list my property?

• How important is advertising?

• What should we expect from an open house?

• Should we try to avoid being at home when the property

is shown?

• What makes a sales agent effective?

• How do I find the agent that’s right for me?

• Do I have to pay a commission even if I find the buyer?

• What is the advantage of an exclusive right to sell?

• What if my agent doesn’t produce?

Why list my property with Coldwell Banker Tony Hubbard



     Exclusive services that can make selling your property

faster and easier, unparalleled expertise in the local and

national markets–these are some of the reasons why no

one can sell your property more effectively than COLDWELL



     Beyond that, we’re sincerely interested in helping make

the difference of selling your property as smooth and easy

as possible. So even if you’re not ready to list your home

quite yet–if you simply have questions about the market in

your area, price or mortgage trends, answers to any of the

questions or anything at all about real estate as it relates to



Meet The Team!


The Coldwell Banker Brand® is the trusted source of innovative real estate solutions creating exceptional experiences for all we serve.

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